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  1. CHS(EM) provides a completely nurturing environment to its students. Attention is paid to every little detail of all the facilities so that a Pointer’s stay in School is happy, smooth and carefree.
  2. The school is solely maintained by the administration of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works which is a deemed organisation under the Indian Railways (Govt. of India).
  3. The School has 22 classrooms. There are two office rooms, one for Principal & his Staff during day session catering to Secondary & Higher Secondary wings, and the other for Headmistress & her Staff during morning session catering to Primary wing. There are two Teachers’ rooms, one for Lady Teachers and the other for Gent Teachers. Campus area of the School is approximately 15 acres.
  4. The school has a most upgraded computer system and software, ensuring a smoother running of School affairs and easing out everyone’s association with School – students, teachers and guardians.
  5. The school has a huge library fro students of all classes and provides  advanced laboratory facilities for students of science.
  6. School has two huge playgrounds where students can play football, cricket, volleyball and athelitics.