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Rules for Library use:

  1. A book issued must be returned within the date stamped on the date label. It may be renewed if there is no other demand for it.
  2. Before entering the Library, personal things such as bags, portfolios, attache cases or books not meant for the Library, must be kept outside.
  3. Access to the Reference Section is allowed only with the Librarian’s permission.
  4. Members must check the condition of a book before borrowing it. A torn/damaged book must be brought to the Librarian’s notice immediately. If borrowers are held responsible for the loss, damage, defacement or mutilation of books, they will have to compensate the Library in a manner to be determined by the Librarian.
  5. The Library is the place for study only. Books returned late and misuse of the Library may result in temporary or permanent withdrawal of Library privileges.
  6. Users must maintain silence inside the Library. They must observe the basic principles of Library ethics and follow the discipline enforced by the Librarian.
  7. Library rules may be altered/ amended and new rules added periodically.