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The following rules are required to be strictly adhered to :

Pupils must attend the School regularly and punctually. Late-comers will normally be sent back home.

A clean and neat uniform must be worn at all times. Pupils in dirty or untidy uniforms may not be allowed to attend classes.

Students are not allowed to attend when ailing or suffering from an infectious disease.

Pupils are not allowed to attend School when sick and/or suffering from an infectious disease. Any pupil found appearing for a class work/test with an infectious disease will have his/her class work/test cancelled.

Pupils must complete their home work regularly.

Pupils are required to address their teachers and all other members of teaching & non-teaching staff with due respect and politeness. They are expected to behave always in a proper manner, befitting the dignity of the School.

No student is allowed to leave the School premises earlier than the scheduled leaving hours.